What to buy for bathing baby

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Baby bath or not?

Bathing a newborn baby is pretty daunting! There's so many different items out there claiming to make life easier. But from a mum of two, here is what I think worked and didn't. 
Baby bath - after using one briefly for my first born, I realised it's messy and a struggle! Filling up with jugs and pots only for half of it to end up on the floor. With my second child I bought a plastic newborn bath support which is in the laid back position and perfectly safe. Bath time was much easier and less messy! No slippery baby to contend with and it also meant I could bath both children together. Make sure there are suction cups to keep in one place and avoid the sponge supports.

Toddler bathing

It's not easy bathing a toddler either. Slippery and worrying that they may fall. Invest in a plastic bath seat, and one that opens at the front for ease of getting little one in and out and not scraping legs!

Cuddle hooded towels

So they look cute and are practical.  Snuggly and warm for baby and the hood dries their hair. I used these as well as a big bath sheet which I wrapped around the outside of the hooded towel for extra warmth. 

I hope this little guide has helped some mums to be. Enjoy and remember never leave children unattended in the bath.
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