What to consider when buying toys for Christmas gifts

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2 year old up to 18 year old

Ebay is the perfect place to buy a gift for Christmas for a bargain price.  

When bidding on an item you should always keep in mind that you may be on a budget.  Its all too easy to get the 'auction bug' and bid on something and then it gets out of hand and you end up bidding for more than you actually wanted to spend.  This can lead to a delay in paying which can lead to negative feedback.  A good tip is to watch an item you are interested in and bid in the last hour or so. 

If you are looking for a bargain these can also be found when auctions end at unsociable hours.  Alternatively bargains can be had if you search for local pick up where you can pick up a total bargain that may be too big to post out.

If you are buying battery operated goods its always a good idea to check the small print as to whether the item is in full working order.  

Its a good idea to check the photos by zooming in for any marks such as biro etc that may prove difficult to remove.

If you are buying for a teenager its sometimes best to wait until November when his or her tastes may have finalised and he or she isn't changing their mind constantly about what is wanted as a gift. 

Finally, remember the Christmas postal service - order in good time for a delivery before Christmas - this way you can check the item is exactly what you want and you then won't have to go out looking for another item at the shops.  It's also good practice to check postage feeder from the seller in case there have been issues in the past.

Good luck and happy ebaying.
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