What to wear under your wedding dress

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The most important day of your life - your wedding. You’ve planned everything down to the smallest detail. You’ve bought a wedding dress that costs more than a small car, but chances are you’ve haven’t given too much though to what to wear under it (the dress, not the car...).

Nowadays, a corset is a must for any wedding dress. The corset is making a huge comeback and for good reason. A corset helps bring out the best in both your body and your wedding dress. A quality bridal corset flatters the lines in your dress and helps the fabric flow more freely and fall more gracefully. Regardless of how good a wedding dress looks on you, it will look better with a quality corset.

The psychology of the corset

A corset worn properly will gentle reshape both your body and your psyche. Of all the clothing that doesn’t show, this is the one that will make the most difference - it will flatten your tummy, smooth out imperfections and accent your breasts or, for large breasted women, mould them, reshape them, tame them. The hugging action of the corset will not only give you great back support for long periods of standing, it will give you a profound psychological boost as well. Your improved posture will emphasise how important the day is and how special you feel. It will give you just a little more poise and confidence on your big day. You’ll look great and the groom will give you great looks...

A few things to keep in mind

Always buy quality. A well-made corset will always be steel-boned. Cheaper corsets use plastic bones, which have a tendency to bend and swell, defeating the whole purpose of the garment to begin with. Pick quality materials in the same way you would in any dress or undergarment. Another factor is how you would like to reshape your body. If corset is principally for dress fit and tummy flattening an underbust corset is the way to go. If you also want to reshape your breasts, then an overbust is probably a better choice. (And of course, be sure to pick the wedding dress first and then buy a corset that matches it.)

Whatever you choose, remember to break the corset in before your wedding day - wearing it first on its own to shape itself to your body and them with your dress. You may have to do this a couple of times.

And don’t forget to pack a honeymoon corset, once your new husband has seen you in your bridal one, he may just be up for something a bit racier...
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