Whatever you buy on E Bay,a sensible word on buying and

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Most of the people you,ll deal with on here will be ok,some however are wolves in sheep's clothing,no more to say.Look very carefully at recent feedback left by the buyer/seller and be guided by that.A heavy percentage of bad feedback cannot be left purely out of malice can it??,it just suggests a repeat offender of whatever nature so be careful and don,t just bid on an item you see purely because you want it,do the homework before and prevent problems before they arise.Avoid paying silly prices for things which are patently not worth it,look at the thing new,or from another seller elsewhere to give you an idea of value in the condition offered,some sellers invite bids on items they have elsewhere at a set,often lesser price.Use the facility to ask questions,pay via paypal,should a bad seller get stroppy paypal can extricate the cash from them if you let them have all the info to do so.I,ve found that there are not many bargains in an auction,or seldom.Do your homework,look around,know your values,look at feedback and be honest in yours to others,give credit where it is due."Caveat emptor" folks.


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