What's The Best Porcelain Drilling Solution For Me?

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Which of the following best describes your tile drilling needs?

1) I need to drill a few small holes in tiles in my bathroom...

Choose: Rubi Easy Gres Kits -
Which Include a diamond drill bit, guide and water cooling!

2) I'm doing a one-off job in a bathroom or kitchen and need a kit for popular hole sizes, without breaking the bank! ...

Choose: 365 Drills Bathroom Fitters Kit  -
Offer unbeatable value for money!

3) I'm a professional, wanting to drill fixing holes in hard tiles, with easy start-up...

Choose: Armeg Carbide Drill Bits  - 
Cut 15-25 holes in tough porcelain and don't slip!

4) I'm a professional, drilling holes in tiles regularly and I want the longest life, lowest cost-per-cut solution available!

Choose: Armeg Diamond Cores  -
Cut hundreds of holes in even grade 5 porcelain, they won't let you down!

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