Whats your body saying about you?

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Slumped shoulders while you walk, hands in pockets are all postures that will contribute to a negative image, and could even make you look shifty!

Its well known that slouching and bad posture creates back problems. It puts pressure on your vertebrae ultimately causing the discs to become compressed causing back pain.

The pelvic muscles slacken, making it that much harder to support a well aligned posture, especially as you get older. The nerves in your neck become pinched, tightening the muscles and casing tension headaches.

And poor posture doesn’t do much for your poise and self assuredness either!

Good posture on the other hand carries a real psychological boost. It makes you feel good, your muscles, back and legs are more relaxed and theres considerably less tension in your neck and shoulders. Good posture dramatically improves your appearance. You look healthier, more alert and much more appealing and much more attractive and confident.

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