WheatWarmers - what are wheat bags and how do they work

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Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular as the first choice for pain relief.  As we are becoming more suspicious of pharmaceuticals more traditional remedies are making a comeback including wheat bags also known as wheatwarmers.  This guide very simply explains what wheatwarmers are and why they may be useful to you.  The wheat bags discussed in this guide can be purchased on ebay from the seller wheatwarmers.

What are WheatWarmers?

At their very simplest wheat bags are sewn cloth bags - ideally 100% cotton - that are filled with grains, either wheat, flaxseed, cherry stones or corn.  They can be used hot or cold, heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and are then applied to the body wherever heat or cold therapy is needed.  They are an excellent method of seeking pain relief without using pharmaceuticals.  Wheat grains have a unique cellular structure which means they take a temperature quickly and then releases it slowly.  This means that wheat bags can be microwaved for a couple of minutes and then release the heat over a period of time.

How Do They Work?

Wheat bags are simply applied to the body wherever needed.  The natural movement the grains settle against the contours of the body comfortably making them comfortable to use and more pliable than hard rubber bottles.  Wheat bags are used in a similar way to hot water bottles and are oftena  safe substitute.  Heat therapy dilates the blood vessels inside muscles, this process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle helping to heal the damaged tissue.  In many cases the heat application will not provide any treatment, for example, in the case of arthritis bit simply the application of heat will provide some relief.   Relative to most medical treatments heat therapy is appealing because it is non invasive and drug free.  Cold slows down the inflammation and swelling that occurs after injury.  Addressing the inflammation helps reduce the pain and can reduce the extent of the damage from the injury.

Wheat bags can be heated over and over again.  Each wheat bag should contain safety guidelines which advise the best way to maintain and use your wheat bag but generally they should last for years.

Which Wheat Bag Is Best For Me?

There are many wheat bags available to buy mostly in th form of a long rectangle which you can wrap around any part of the body, typically around the neck or tucked behind the lower back when sitting.  Before purchasing your wheat bag you should consider which part of the body you need it for.  If it's for general use then the simple rectangle is a good idea, these can be purchased from most wheat bags sellers.  For the neck or shoulder consider that once you wrap the wheat bag around your neck the grains fall to the ends as a result of gravity so consider buying a bag with sections sewn in which keeps the wheat in place.  For the other parts of the body that aren't flat look out for straps that keep the bag in place which will ensure that the heat or cold is applied exactly where you need it.


I really like the WheatWarmers Back & Waist wheat bag.  It is a large comfortable wheat bag that is sewn into sections keeping the wheat in place and the heat evenly distributed.  It is secured against the body with wide velcro straps ensuring the heat is right against your skin.  Best of all, you don't need to sit down to use it, you can carry on as normal while the heat works its magic.


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