When Feedback becomes a JOKE!

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Would you buy something from a shop, then when it falls apart or has a problem, would you still tell your friends and family how great a shop it was?

If you ordered something, and it failed to arrive, and everytime you tried to contact the shop etc, you got no answer, would you thank them for all their help after you win your small claims court case?

NO! No is the correct answer!

Then why leave feedback that is positive for people who don't deserve it?

After reading through hundreds and hundreds of feedback remarks, I find people posting things like, "Item undelivered, but speedy refund", "Took 4 weeks to arrive, but nice item" ,"Seller never had item to sell, but great ebayer" and "item not new, but still worked", all of these similar remarks left with a green positive feedback.

Feedback only works if people leave honest opinions. Please leave honest feedback so others really know who their sellers are!

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