When Will E-Bay Put A Stop To Sniper Bids

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As the leader heading says when will this nasty practice be stopped?.

 How many times have you put in a bid,be it a first bid or a new higher bid,you`ve been waiting by your pc or you`ve been the first/highest til the very last second of the auction - then the auction finishes AND YOU`RE NOT THE WINNING BIDDER !!.

 You find that someone who has`nt even put in a single bid prior to this has snatched it out from under you,i know E-Bay has a duty to get the best price it can for the seller but to me this practice is almost like theft,to me it goes against the spirit of the site as i find being here is like being part of a club.After an auction has closed it`s sometimes nice to e-mail the buyer/seller to exchange a few plesentaries,almost like a facebook with goodies,to say thanks for a prompt payment or listing something you`ve been after for a while.

I do know of sellers out there who DO NOT honour these "sniper" bids and to them i say "GOOD ON YOU !!",KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

 A way perhaps that E-Bay could put a stop to this devious practice is to only allow bidders who have previously put in another bid to put in a later higher bid,after all,this practice would`nt be allowed in an auction room.

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