When buying a 2nd hand pushchair

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As a mother of 3 children and a self confessed pushchair addict, i have had many pushchairs roll in and out my house, most being 2nd hand.
I know many people who swap and change their pushchairs, and a few dont hold their value, therefore you can get a bargin 2nd hand pushchair in very good condition, however, even after reading a very good product description it doesnt hurt to double check the condition, certain brands are 2 part fold, where the seat removes from the chassis to be folded up, it could be worth checking that the seat/carrycot secures properly, that the wheels are in decent condition, that it includes a raincover.
Certain pushchairs may have faults that have been highlighted so its always worth researching the pushchair and reading reviews, then checking with the seller if this fault has been a problem.
Ofcourse, you are relying on the seller being honest, but at least you know you have asked before buying and if issues do arise, you have proof that you have been told all is in order.
Another thing to be wary of is paying too much, if you are happy paying a certain price then fair enough, but i found myself nearly paying over the odds for a pushchair because I didnt think to check how much it was worth, i have found FB sites very handy for valueing up pushchairs, especially the more expensive brands. 
If a seller is using a stock photo, it doesnt hurt to ask for a proper photo of the pushchair and any pictures of faults, if any are mentioned. 
For the higher value prams its always worth researching the scams going around, most sellers are honest people selling a pushchair, but sadly there are a small number of people who will target mothers wanting pushchairs, again i found FB sites wonderful for finding out the latest scams.
And last of all, it sounds simple, but use PayPal and pay goods, even if the seller asks you otherwise or to bank transfer, you arent covered if something happens, it just isnt worth it.

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