When buying laptop..

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If you want to be sure, that you are buying right laptop for you, you can follow these steps:

1. What for do you need laptop?
2. For how long you need to stand by on battery? 
3. If you are gamer, gaming laptops are the most expensive laptops..
4. No matter what you will be doing on your new laptop, remember, that you should choose the highest preferences such as RAM memory, CPU speed and number of cores, GRAPHIC CARD type, size of HARD drive.
All the parts are important for what you can do on your computer.

Remember that in some cases, its better to have PC computer.
Laptops are good if you having some difficulties, like not having home internet, and you have to go to public places for using WiFi. You have to understand your needs and follow it by buying right device for you.

Battery in laptops are very time-limited.. And while using your laptop, health of the battery will decrease. 
Even your laptop was cost you £1000..

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Thank you for reading,
Mat, Ldn

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