When selling mobile phones beware!

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Beware new ebayers who email you saying they have paid by Paypal and ask you to send their purchase straight away  to "their brother" and send them the tracking number for the parcel.  You will then receive an email supposed to be from Paypal saying that the payment has been approved and that funds will be released once you send the tracking number.  These are fraudulant emails.  The ebayer will then become no longer registered and you will not be able to get your money.  Always check your Paypal account if this is a genuine transaction you will have something in there.

This was recently tried on me but I was suspicious and checked the address using the Royal Mail Postcode finder it turned out to be the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, although Ebay had their location as London.  I then forwarded the emails to Paypal and Ebay and they would found to be fraudulant.  This was my first ever listing with ebay and I consider myself to be really lucky.  The buyer's name was Thomas Thomas so please be careful I am certain he has tried this again.  He has also tried to convince me that he isn't fraudulant by using a different email address pretending to be another seller and emailing me in the same very bad english that he was, and I quote, "a realy and nice buyer".  Don't be fooled by these attempts.  Make full use of all the security and safety features that Ebay and Paypal offer they are there to protect you, your goods and your money.

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