When you should buy a Quinny Zapp

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I totally agree with another ebayer that the Zapp is difficult to get up steps because of the bar underneath and quite possibly hard to fold if you have a child that can't be trusted to stand still while you do it...however...I have had nothing but joy, a comfy child and many a 'wow' look since I bought my Zapp. <p>

It's not the best buggy to buy if you use public transport. However, if you walk round town, do the school walk or pop to the shops in your car, I think it's perfect. This is because I don't need to put the Zapp down unless I have first strapped my toddler into her car seat, and again I put it up before I lift her out of the car seat. It took me 5 times before I worked out how to do it quickly. I have no trouble putting mine up and down one handed, just put the brake on before you press button 3 to push the underneath bars forwards. <p>

I have heard a few comments about how there's no room for shopping as it doesn't come with a basket. Please don't spend a fortune on a made to measure bag, they're a wate of money. Go to John Lewis and pay £4 for one of their own stroller net bags. It fits perfectly on the back and you don't see it from the sides or front! It's black so matches every Zapp colourway and you can fit loads in! By the way, mine has never tipped up yet and I have a school bookbag and lunchbox on the back of it every day with copious amounts of gubbins in the Jonh Lewis net bag!<p>

I didn't buy my Zapp until my daughter, who is now over 90 cms tall and has plenty of room left , was 2. Many laughed, but there is no way she can walk 3 miles a day to school for my older daughter! My Maclaren had the wheels fall off and I had trialled a friend's Zapp before buying one. <p>

My hints are...don't use the buggy bag, it's a pain unless you're going on an aircraft; keep the hood on to fold it, it's no more hassle; by the JL net bag; put the brake on before folding to help; don't take your child out of the car before you have put up the Zapp; smile back at all the other jealous parents; ENJOY!

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