Where do diamonds come from?

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Until the 18th century, India was the only supplier of diamonds in the world. Diamonds were discovered in Africa in the early 19th century and subsequently became the largest producer worldwide, relying on Zaire for industrial diamonds and South Africa for gem quality diamonds. Since the early 80's, Australia has been producing the most diamonds worldwide.

It is possible to determine where a diamond originated from whilst it is in the rough form. As soon as the diamond is cut, however, it is virtually impossible to distinguish its origin.

Platinum Diamonds  would like you to learn where do all diamonds come from. All diamonds at Platinum Diamonds come from mines in South Africa, Canada and Australia. Being involved in all the production stages right from dealing with mining companies right to the end customer allows us to be one of the few jewellers able to guarantee all our diamonds to be Conflict-Free. As a result, all our diamonds come with written guarantees that stipulate and support Conflict-Free procedures. Platinum Diamonds says NO to blood diamonds.

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