Where to start reading comic books and graphic novels.

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Comics are awesome-that's a good place to start!

I have been an avid collector of Marvel and DC comic books and graphic novels for many years now, and a question I often get asked is "where is the best place to start when getting into comics and graphic novels?".  The answer to this question I feel is the same answer regardless of the person asking (regardless of their age or gender).  I would always recommend that for anyone getting started out in comics or graphic novels, they should start off with one of the earlier Spider-Man comics, one of the amazing Spider-Man pocket books would be a good place to start.  These are fairly inexpensive, but are well written, brilliantly drawn for the era in which they were created but also pretty harmless (there isn't anything in the content of the storylines that is going to frighten anyone or disturb them, it will do the opposite as in these particular books there is quite a lot of wit and humour for the reader to enjoy.)

If someone who is looking into getting comics/graphic novels and has watched any of the superhero films (which may have given them the encouragement to get into reading this material), they may want to select that particular person.  For example, someone may of watched the Christian Bale versions of the Batman films, and after watching them want to know more about Batman by reading the comics and graphic novels, then this would be great for them to read, but at the same time they would hopefully also be prepared (after seeing the films) that these comics and graphic novels are more 'dark' than other comics and graphic novels. 

My general opinion on this is that once you pick a comic book or graphic novel up and start reading, you will become engrossed in the story and will want to read all of the back stories and different versions too!  A great thing to remember is that the older versions are just as great as the newer ones, so worth reading them too!

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