Which Double Or Tandem Buggy Lasts Til Toddler Walks?

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As I've mentioned in my other review, I've had over 200 prams now!

I though rather than complaining about the size of the baskets, weight and wheels, I'd write a Do's and Don'ts list of double prams I'd recommend and ones I'd avoid!

Beware Pliko P3's & AT4 = I've had 6-7 and noticed people often advertise them as having a toddler step on the back. If you read the instructions its a lever plate and says under no circumstances should a toddler be allowed to ride on it. I've done it once or twice and it does unbalance the pram. Besides that the baby can't lie flat if theres a little passenger on the back!

Urban Detour Twin =  Nice looking, good size double, but they don't go through the majority of shop doors (nor most front doors for that matter!)

Maclaren Twin Traveller / Rally = Nice sized seats but still have problems with shop doors.

Cosatto Lunar Twin = Ideal for narrower doors and is the narrowest double on the market. But this means the seats are smaller too. My daughter grew out of it at 2 and a half.

Mutsy Duo Seat = Crap!!! I saved long and hard to afford one. Bought it when my two were 5 months and 2 1/2. The front seat hood is way too low, the seat is too shallow and doesn't lie back. My toddler found it very uncomfortable. The back seat is a joke! Reclines to almost flat but baby ends up with their legs in the air and feet in just the right position to kick the front passenger! And don't even ask about how to get the baby in and out of the back seat. It was like trying to solve a Rubiks Cube! I found the whole thing very dissappointing!

Bertini Bidwell and Toddler Seat = Great for the first few months until the baby wants to sit up. Pram seat can only be slightly sat up with a toddler seat in place.

Zooper Shopper Combo with Toddler Seat = Like a tank to push and steer with fixed wheels and incredibly small seats. Rubbish!!!

Bertini Shuttle and Toddler Seat = Better idea with larger child in the pushchair and little one on the front. These pushchairs are prone to weakness in the handle. Wouldn't last long with a heavy toddler as the side catches just give unexpectedly.

Graco Tandem Stadium Duo = Fantastic with a carseat on the back seat from birth then once toddler gest a bit heavy in the front seat and baby reaches approx 6 months, swap seats!! Very good value for money.

Graco Tandem Duo Lux = Again, just as good but without the carseat option.

Marco Sky Tandem = Umbrella fold buggy on steroids!! Huge, oversized, too long to fit in the boot when folded and you need to be at least 6 foot tall to push the stupidly high handles!! Kerbs?! Don't even attempt them. Way too heavy for even a body builder to push!


I hope this review has been of some use to you. I will be writing one about buggyboards and thats sort of accessory in the near future.

Any questions or if you want my opinion on any pushchair probs, just email me!!!


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