Which Horse Boots for Which Occassion?

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Over reach Boots - These are to protect the bulb of heel of the front legs from being trodden on by the back hooves.  These can be rubber, neoprene or plastic and come with various fastening types.

Sausage Boots - These buckle round a hind pastern, Attach the ring to the leg which is being cut.

Brushing Boots - These protect the cannon bone and fetlock joint from damage from other feet striking the area. these can come in neoprene, leather or plastic.

Fetlock Boots - These are brushing boots (as above) for the hind legs which are shorter in length to assist with freedom of movement in the back fetlock.  These come in neoprene, leather or plastic.

Tendon Boots - These are specifically made for the front legs, to protect the tendon at the back of the leg from being damaged by the hind hooves.  They can be open fronted (which are prefered by showjumpers as the horse can feel the pole if he should tough it) or closed fronted.

Sports Boots - Give similar protection to bandages without having to correctly fit bandages.

Knee Boots - Give protection to the knee if the horse stumbles, also can give protection when travelling if bandages or short boots are used.

Travel Boots - These are quick and easy to use when travelling for a short length of time, they give protection from bumps and knocks.  They are generally made out of tough sythetic materials with velcro fastenings.

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