Which Pump?

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Our range of pumps for sale in our ebay shop are split into four categories:

Pond Pumps:  For ornamental use.  Supplied with a variety of fountain heads, these pumps will keep circulating in ponds during the warmer summer months.  The foam filters can be washed to keep clear of pond debris.

Surface Pumps:  Supplied via a inlet hose (This must be solid) and expel water through an outlet hose which can be layflat.  They are, as the name suggests mounted on the surface.

Submersible pumps:  Generally split into four categories:

a) A basic model with no float switch - ideal if the job is supervised or if the water level continually circulates such as fish tanks, ornamental ponds etc...

b) A second variety with float switch - will switch the pump on and off dependent on water level.  Some may have integral float switches.

c) Dirty or Foul water pumps - ideal for pumping foundations or sites where solids up to 30mm may need to be passed.  Generally for these pumps you will require a larger bore hose.

d) Deep water pumps - Generally similar to conventional submersible pumps but have the extra head height for pumping out wells, boreholes etc...

Booster Pumps:  These have a tank to collect a reservoir of water which is then pumped at high pressure.  These can be used for example to boost domestic water supply.  We can supply a stainless steel booster pump which can be used for food purposes.

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