Which Trampoline Has the Best Bounce?

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Which Trampoline Has the Best Bounce?

Trampolines make a great addition to any garden and are a good activity for families to enjoy together. It can be difficult to find a good trampoline which has the best bounce.

With this handy guide finding the trampoline with the best bounce will be easy, and you can even purchase a trampoline via eBay.

Types of Trampolines

Trampolining is a popular sport and pastime, and it can be confusing to find which trampoline is best for home use. The two main types of trampoline are recreational and competitive. This guide will focus on searching for recreational trampolines.

Trampolines come in four main shapes:

* Square

* Rectangular

* Oval

* Circular

The above all come in a variety of sizes from 8ft to 16ft.. A general rule the larger the trampoline, the better the bounce, though some trampolines that are bigger than 18ft may lose some of their effectiveness.

The actual 'bounce' from a trampoline is from the steel springs that hold the fabric to the frame of the trampoline. The fabric, often known as the 'bounce mat' or 'trampoline bed' is a woven fabric that is very strong and durable.

Rectangular trampolines are the most common shape used for competitive trampolining, causing the users to bounce up to 25ft in the air. Round trampolines have less bounce due to the shape of the trampoline. This is because more kinetic energy is lost in the springs than with a square or rectangular trampoline.

The Advantages to Buying a Trampoline on eBay

The reasons for looking on eBay for the perfect trampoline are numerous, as eBay offers many advantages to buying a trampoline:

* The buyer can ask specific questions about the trampolines they are interested in and will receive good answers in return.

* Most trampolines can be delivered to the buyer's home, saving time and money looking for one in a store.

* eBay has many top rated sellers who sell a vast range of good quality trampolines.

* The buyer can look at trampolines within a certain price range, therefore staying within a budget.

* The buyer can look at a wide range of trampolines on eBay without being pressured to buy a particular one

Aspects to Consider before Buying a Trampoline on eBay

It is vital for the buyer to answer some questions to help determine which trampoline is ideal for their wants and needs:

* Who will use the trampoline?

* Where will it be placed?

* What is the budget for the trampoline?

If the trampoline is intended for young children a smaller trampoline may seem a good idea, but do take into allowance that the children will grow and may need a larger trampoline. For children a netted trampoline is the best as this will prevent them from falling off.

The most important aspect is where the trampoline will be placed. Take into consideration the size of the garden or space where it will be placed. Also look at overhanging objects like tree branches or other such structures. Depending on the size and shape of the trampoline, measure the ground in feet and inches to see which one will be perfect for the space the trampoline will be placed in.

It can be easy to get carried away when it comes to deciding a budget for a trampoline. The wide variety of trampolines means that it can be easy to purchase one that is out budget. Research the range of prices of trampolines on eBay and then decide what budget would be ideal and realistic.

Buying the Trampoline with the Best Bounce on eBay

To begin searching for the trampoline with the best bounce go to the eBay home portal: www.ebay.co.uk and select theToys & Games category. From there select the Outdoor Toys & Activities, from there type in 'Trampoline' to begin the search.

As mentioned above rectangular trampolines offer the best bounce. Enter the search term ' Rectangular Trampoline' to browse the range of trampolines available. On eBay it is easy to view a range of new and used trampolines, and these can be found through the use of the sub categories when searching.

When purchasing a trampoline the buyer will want to several important questions:

* What condition?

* Postage

* Price

Trampolines can be boughtused or new on eBay, and this will depend on the buyer's preference. When buying a used trampoline it is important to consider what condition the item is in. If buying a used trampoline then it is suggested that the buyer read the item's description very closely to look for any potential issues with the trampoline.

The seller should include good photographs of the trampoline and make note of features. If in any doubt the buyer shouldn't hesitate to contact the seller for more information. For postage some of the private sellers may only offer collection, it is advisable to look at the distance of the item before making a purchasing decision. Also take into account the cost of the petrol and also how to transport the item. The advantage of buying from a business seller is that the postage may be free.

When buying a trampoline in a new condition, there is a great advantage as on eBay there are many sellers who specialise in outdoor equipment like trampolines. Sellers like these will offer a wide range of trampolines in a range of sizes and shapes. To narrow down the range of listings to business sellers on eBay, simply select the ' Top Rated eBay Sellers ' on the left hand side. Before making a purchasing decision it is best to look at the amount and type of feedback the seller has, this will ensure that the product the buyer selects is exactly the right one for their needs.

There are two main buying options on eBay:

* Auction

* 'Buy it now'

The auction option is advantageous as it allows the buyer to put in a price they wish to pay for the item, although because it is an auction system the buyer can be outbid on the item. The must hold in mind that when bidding, they are entering into a legal contract to ensure payment for the item if they win. 'Buy it now' are perfect for buyers who wish only pay the price stated, and this will guarantee them the item. Listings with 'Buy it now' will also offer good postage options.

Some Safety Tips to Consider When Using a Trampoline

To ensure that all users of the trampoline will have a fun and safe time it is vital to read up some of the basic safety involved when using a trampoline regardless of its size and type.

1. The bouncier the trampoline, the higher the user will go. An aspect to consider when jumping is not to jumper any higher than the user wants to falls. For example if the user does not want to fall any more than 3-4ft, then it is best not to jump any higher than 4ft.

2. If using a trampoline for serious practice than there should be no more than one person as a time using it. If a using a less bouncy trampoline with a protective net than more than one is fine.

3. Where possible it is advised to bury the trampoline in the ground as this will lessen the distance for a user to fall, therefore reducing the severity of injuries. This measure should only be considered if there is not a safety net around the trampoline.

4. Place some protective matting around the bottom of the trampoline if the ground is hard.

What to do with a Trampoline over winter?

During summer a trampoline will see much use, but over winter wet and cold conditions can have a devastating effect. Rust and such problems will occur and these can shorten the life of the trampoline and may be a hazard. Protective sprays can help protect the material parts of the trampoline from harsh weather conditions. Ensure that the springs are well covered so that the chance of rust is reduced as much as possible. In windy weather consider securing the trampoline to the floor with a tie down kit to prevent the trampoline from being carried away in the wind.

If possible take the trampoline apart and store in a dry place over winter; this will help the trampoline last for many years to come.


* Buying a trampoline with the perfect bounce has never been easier thanks to eBay. The buyer can browse a huge range of trampolines in the comfort of their home. With many sellers with reliable feedback and offering postage to many locations, picking the right trampoline has never been easier.

* Retailers who stock trampolines can be a distance for the buyer to travel to, but eBay is ideal as it allows the buyer to view the vast range of quality trampolines available. Whether getting fit or have a bounce with the children, the trampoline with the best bounce can be found on eBay.

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