Which Warhammer 40K Army Should You Choose?

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Which Warhammer 40K Army Should You Choose? Which Warhammer 40K Army Should You Choose?


Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game where players can buy and collect different miniature figurines. It is set in a sci-fi futuristic universe where fictional soldiers and creatures can be assembled into full armies and used to battle an opponent.

Due to the popularity of Warhammer 40K around the world, numerous different armies have been manufactured to cope with the demand and provide more variety to choose from. Because of this wide selection of different armies to choose from it can be difficult to pick out the most suitable type for your particular needs

Looking online, and in particular on eBay, helps in the way that the many Warhammer 40K armies can be reviewed next to each other.

Basics of Warhammer 40K

* The game incorporates a strict and sometimes complicated set of rules for players to adhere to. Each side will need to have accumulated an army of similar sizes to compete in a range of formats, from simple one-on-one battles lasting a couple of hours to more complex war scenarios involving different units and strategies that can last over a few days. Play is turn-based and is dependent on the outcome of rolling dice and the characteristics of certain armies to decide the final outcome.

* The decision to choose between the many different armies within Warhammer 40K is made harder by the fact that each army contains separate divisions or organisations aswell. The section below will look at some of the main armies in detail to provide a better idea of which one is most suitable to purchase.

Types of Warhammer 40K Army

The story of Warhammer 40K revolves around the constant fight between the Imperium of Man and other alien races. This section will look at some of the main armies that make up these sides in Warhammer 40K in relation to the most common on eBay.

Imperial Guard

* These are the original faction of the Imperium and provide the human element in the futuristic Warhammer world, where trillions of men have formed together to make a colossal army. They integrate a more realistic feel into their division, with supporting staff such as religious priests and doctors as part of the overall army.

* In terms of competing in battle, the Imperial Guard rely on masses of their soldiers to assault their targets in endless waves. Their soldiers are lightly armoured but plentiful and also combine many vehicles such as tanks to assist with their potential conflicts.

Space Marines

* Elite warriors of the Imperium of Man and perhaps the most popular Warhammer 40K soldiers are known as the Space Marines . This is largely due to the fact they are included in starter editions of Warhammer box sets so become the army that become familiar to most players.

* They are a genetically modified superhuman army, small in complete size but still powerful nonetheless. Because they can still function in a Warhammer 40K battle using fewer soldiers/creatures and vehicles than other armies, they are popular with amateur players or those with a small start-up budget.

* Look out also for Chaos Space Marines - a traitor faction of the Imperium of Man Empire.


* The Eldar are an advanced alien race adapted to have their own cultural and historical identity within the game. They have been part of the Warhammer 40K since the game's creation in 1987 and are an favourable army race by many players; one reason for this being their arrogant and exuberant personalities.

* They are highly specialised elf-like beings with high speed and technological levels. Unlike the Imperial Guard, their creatures can sometimes perform many roles - meaning that fewer characters will be needed to form the whole army. They are best used as an offensive army due to their relatively powerful weapons and fast speed, as opposed to playing on the defensive due to their weak armour.

* Look out for forces of the Dark Eldar also - an evil by-product of Eldar troops.


* Orks are described in Warhammer as violent humanoids with a muscular green skin. Their desire to fight leads them into plenty of skirmishes in the fictional Warhammer world. They are also prone to fight between their own regiments, known as clans, due to their aggressive nature.

* Their gung-ho approach and poor defence can leave them vulnerable to quick and easy deaths, but because many of them can be incorporated into an army they can make up for this in numbers.

Other Types of Warhammer 40K Army

* There are a few more armies available within the complete Warhammer collection that each has their own background and game-play features. They include the Chaos Daemons, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Tau Empire and Tyranids .

* If seriously considering investing in a new army and all the possible different factions that represent it, from core units to specialised ones, then much more research is needed into the matter. Many specialist Warhammer 40K websites have content produced by expert players which detail each army further.

* In addition, if worried about how to control the soldiers and creatures of each army in an actual real life competition, Warhammer have produced something known as a codex for its games. This is a rules supplement magazine or book detailing information on a certain army and how to control it in a battle situation.

How to Select the Right Warhammer 40K Army

There are a few aspects to consider before deciding on a certain army to concentrate building up. This section will look at a few of them.

* Firstly consider the characteristics of the different armies, their appearance and also which sort of background setting they play on. Players who consider themselves fan of the 'good guys' in a story then may want to consider the Imperial Guard army for example.

* Which type of army commander you will be in terms of tactics used is another aspect to think about. Do aggressive hit and run tactics appeal rather than more rigid defensive ones? As noted before, some armies will incorporate more low-level troops than others meaning different techniques of playing out a battle can be used.

* Look into the individual characteristics of soldiers and creatures also. Some are better suited for hand-to-hand combat, whilst others may perform better against a certain enemy.

* The background setting of an army is basically the scenery in which the characters will be positioned on. Consider the race of your army and the distinctive terrain that will suit them best.

Where to Buy Warhammer 40K Armies From?

* There are specialist Warhammer shops that will sell pretty much every possible character, vehicle or background accessory or alternatively have the ability to have them ordered in if not available immediately. Visiting one of these shops is useful as the people working there are likely to be immersed in the game on a regular basis and capable of answering a number of queries.

* Shopping online is also useful from toy or war games websites; the majority of them will stock Warhammer 40K figurines as it is the most popular tabletop game on the market. Due to its popular nature, many people choose to sell their used Warhammer items on eBay - a site where great deals are potentially found for both used and brand new listings.

How to Search on eBay

Keyword Search - Using the keyword search is the first port of call for many eBayers, where typing in a particular word or phrase will bring up the respective results. If the type of Warhammer army desired is known, such as " Warhammer chaos space marines," then by entering this into the search bar many results will appear.

Category Search - Warhammer figurines will have been listed in the ' Wargames & Role-Playing ' category, located in 'Toys & Games.' Now by entering even a generic search term, such as " Warhammer 40K army" within this category will bring up more appropriate results.

Preference Menu - The best way to really get the results down and also to differentiate by separate Warhammer 40K armies is by using the menu bar on the left-hand side. In the 'Wargames & Role-Playing' category, firstly select 'Warhammer' and then ' 40K Armies.' Now, the option to choose between Ork armies, Eldar armies and so on becomes apparent.

Sort By - Some of the army sections, such as the Space Marines, will have thousands of different listings in this category. They can be arranged however in a more desirable order in respect to such things as the lowest priced items and those ending soonest.

After a more efficient search has been performed, then review the particular Warhammer 40K figures in as much detail as possible. Ensure you know exactly what the item is that you are buying in all its detail, and any possible deficiencies it may have, before parting with money. Asking the seller a question is also an option on eBay so make sure to do this if unsure about anything.


* Choosing between the dozen or so Warhammer 40K model armies is a considerable decision to make; the potential soldiers and creatures within their ranks combined with the vehicles and background settings differ between each army. They all again have various strengths and weaknesses in battleground scenarios which are something to be considered as well.

* Using eBay is advisable as the specific armies can be pinpointed and narrowed down to suit your requirements. Many second-hand sellers potentially list their Warhammer items at a price much more affordable than can be found elsewhere.

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