Which hair extensions are the best ?

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When choosing hair extensions for the first time it can lead to confusion because there are so many different types, textures, applications and prices to consider.


1. Look at the texture of your hair, this is important because if your hair is fine then extensions that are to long will pull at your hair.
If you have;
Fine hair you should consider 16"
Medium texture 18"
Medium to thick hair 18"-20"
Any extensions over 20" will cause some pulling

See the chart for different hair lengths

The next step in choosing extensions.  Here is a list starting with the best extensions to the worst.

1. Russian hair - classed as the best hair in the world due to its gentle processing - lasts 1-2 years.
2. European hair - lasts 9 months - 1 year
3. Indian Temple - lasts up to 6 Months
4. Indian Remy -  lasts 3-4 months
                                                              5. Chinese hair - suitable for clip ins only - bad quality.

Applications methods.
A tiny ring the size of a ball point pen but very strong, non damaging and easy to fit and take out, the most popular method since being launched, hair can be worn up and this method ensures that extensions are not seen, considered the best method, a maintenance is required every 4-5 months
90% bigger than the nano, micro rings come in different colours so are fitted with your extensions colours in mind, non damaging, a maintenance is required every 3-4 months
Cold fusion
Cold fusion is applied with a machine, this is still glue, no heat is applied but when the extensions are due to come out it can pull at the hair and cause baldness and extreme hair lose, maintenance every 3-4 months
Heat gun
Very damaging, the heat will weaken your own hair leaving permanent bald patches- not recommended, maintenance required every 3-4 months
Weaves are sewn in, pressure is put on the scalp and can cause baldness and hair lose, maintenance required every 6-8 weeks
Micro weave
Less pressure than sewn in hair however a maintenance is needed every 6-8  weeks, time consuming.

I hope this gives you a good insight to hair extensions.
What should I pay for extensions ?
Pay for quality.
Russian hair is more expensive and will look better than any other type- prices with a fitting are between £350 - £450 mobile. salon prices £450-£600 depending on length
European hair Mobile £230 - £280. salon £300- £400 depending on length
Indian hair prices between Mobile- £200 - £250. salon - £250 - £350 depending on length.

Remember the better the quality the longer it will last and in the long run will work out cheaper.
Maintenances can be anything from £60 - £150

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