Which is the Best Dog Food?

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Which is the Best Food for Dogs?
I started out to answer this question as a new dog owner.  Despite having had many different pets over the years, I’d never had a dog before, and wanted to know which was the ‘best’ dog food to buy. 
So, I began to research.  The final answer I came up with?   Do NOT feed your dog the pet food they sell in the supermarkets! Instead, look into the modern range of more natural, additive free foods, such as Lily's Kitchen or Wainwrights etc. Pets At Home or Kennelgate are big suppliers who stock these sorts of brands, as well as Amazon and Ebay.

These foods do not contain nasty chemicals, fillers, dairy, wheat or any of those other horrors which make standard pet foods more like junk food for animals.
  • Supermarket stocked dog (& cat) food is full of many harmful things which actually damage your pet’s health.
Before I explain further, ask yourself how many people do you know whose dogs have either bad health problems, or have had to be put down through illness – I know more than a few.
Ask how many pets you know who have ‘dog breath’.  This is not natural!

     Try Googling:  Andrew Lewis Dog Food Secrets
He also tells the horrible truth about the pet food industry, which he researched after losing his young dog to illness.
He advocates home cooking, but buying higher quality dog food is the next best thing.

The other crucial thing is to clean your dog's teeth.  There are plaque dissolving toothpastes on the market, such as 'Logic' which can be applied with a brush or finger.  If not cleaned, dogs' teeth will develop decay - this in turn allows toxins to enter the bloodstream, and cause major health issues.  Bad breath is not natural in a dog, and is a sign of ill health.
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