Which metal detector is right for me?

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Hi Treasure hunters

I bet you feel confused as to which detector is right for you, and scroling through many many machines and thinking "uhmm that looks nice but very expensive".
I have been a detector user for over 30 years now, i started off with a basic C-Scope...i took that machine with me when out walking with my dad...it worked, i found bits and bobs.
The first thing you need to realise is what is your budget?, are you willing to spend £200 or £1500.
Just remember to forget the very cheap £60 plastic rubbish....look at reliable known brands such as Garret, or C-Scope...
If you are a beginer then start off with a basic machine..its starts to get confusing when there are dials saying "Gain, Set range, etc".
My best advice is to search out a local club, these people will have tonnes of experiance and will show you the ropes and it will be fun.
Now i am going to blow my own trumpet.. i have a DVD available on ebay its called DIGGIN IT, now it has every thing you can imagine..it goes through how to use a detector, what the stting mean and do...it shows you how to search and where.
So please take a look at my DVD....DIGGIN IT. DIGGIN IT METAL DETECTING DVD

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