Which sewing machine to buy?

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Before spending a lot of money on a sewing machine ask yourself a few questions first.
What do I want to sew with the machine?
Will it just be household alterations, clothing repairs and adjustments, or do you need a machine for a specific project? 
Are you looking to re-upholster your campervan, boat seating, boat cover, repair your horse-blankets and rugs? Are you looking to make a kite and repair it when necessary?
Asking all these questions and then asking an Ebay seller if their machine you are looking at will be suitable for your project is far better for both parties than liking the look of a machine, buying it to find it will not sew your project. Then you have the cost of returning it, you then cause the seller problems on their account by starting a case for 'item not as described', affecting their seller account. When it reality it is because you did not do enough homework into which machine is best for your sewing projects.
Why would you buy a heavy duty, sails, horse-blankets and upholstery sewing machine to sew silks and satin's? Simply put, you wouldn't!
It would be quite clear that the machine would not sew your lightweight fabric, because it has been set up for heavy duty sewing.  Don't get me wrong, if you are a competent sewer and know what you are doing, by changing needle, thread and tensions you can easily sew lighter weight fabrics, but most buy a machine for a specific job.
It will save a lot of time and money on both seller and buyers parts if you take a little time, create a list of what you want the machine to do for you before making a purchase to regret it later.
I would imagine most sellers would prefer to lose a sale by giving you the right advice as to what sort of machine you need for your project, rather than have the problems that can go with a return. (Machine comes back damaged, have to make a courier claim for the damage, machine has to be cleaned and set up again, it impacts the business sellers account. The buyer is without a machine until the refund is sorted out etc, etc). I know I would prefer to lose a sale by making sure the buyer purchases the right machine for the right job and that is how it should be, surely?
Hope this information is of some help to buyers.
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