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  Buying lingerie can be a confusing business.  From push-up to plunge, sports to maternity, brazilian to high legs, shorts to thongs, lingerie is available in a dazzling variety of sizes, shapes, fabrics, fits and brands.  We're all different shapes and sizes and so different styles will sit differently, some may suit us or be more comfortable than others, but when we get the right fit, our clothes hang properly and we look and feel great!  Take a look at our buying guide below to make sure your lingerie choice is the best for you.  Any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help!


The Plunge -  Ideal for when you want va-va voom cleavage!  The plunge bra cups breasts at the side coming to a low point between them and provide good support.  Available in underwired and soft cups.  Great under v-necks and low necklines.

The Push-up - When you want that extra 'lift', the push-up bra is ideal.  These bras normally have extra booster padding at the lowest point in the cup to lift breasts higher.  Normally available in underwired form, cups are often lightly padded as well.  Great for those who want to combat gravity or give the impression of a bigger cup size.

The T-Shirt - Perfect for those seeking a smooth, seam-free look.  T-shirt bras can be underwired or soft-cup, padded or non-padded.  They are comfortable and have relatively full cup coverage, giving good support.

The Soft Cup - More and more women are turning to soft cup bras, finding the traditional underwired bras uncomfortable or impractical.  In recent years, lingerie manufacturers have developed a number of variations on the older-style soft cup bra, which has no underwiring or padding, and gives very light support.  These new versions include padded and non-padded bras, and provide greater support, including for larger sizes, by using light padding and soft channeling under the cups using padded fabric.  This gives a comfortable fit and stops the wires from bras playing havoc with washing machines! 

The Balcony - These bras give a wonderful, flattering, even round shape, lifting without pushing and are very supportive.   Cup coverage can vary with these bras, from just over halfway, to a slightly fuller coverage.

The Full Cup -  When you want a really supportive, comfortable fit, full cup bras are ideal.  These bras do what they say - the bra cup covers almost the full breast and the support system (underwires of channeling) comes higher at the sides and centre of the cups.


High Leg -  high legs are very popular because they flatter, elongating the leg and giving good coverage of the tummy.  High legs cover your bottom, sit just under your belly button and the legs are cut up, usually to the hip bone.

Short -  cut low across the top of the thigh, and covering almost all the buttocks, shorts are often available in two styles, a high rise short which comes up to just under the tummy button and gives a real retro look, or low rise which sits midway between the tummy button and pubic bone - great for under low rise trousers and jeans.  

Thong - don't want VPL?  Look no further!  Thongs give some coverage at the front and the thin, 'thong' sits between the buttocks at the rear.  Available in high rise and low rise fits to suit your outfit.   Some love them, some hate them - the marmite of lingerie!

Brazilian - these are a realtively new cut on the market, and something of a cross between a thong and a bikini brief.  Brazilian knickers usually sit fairly low like a bikini brief, and narrow between the legs, more like a thong.  They give more coverage of the bottom but are cut away at the sides.  Very flirty!

Bikini- a classic!  Bikini briefs have good coverage over the bottom, narrow sides and sit low on the hips.

Full Brief - the traditional choice for comfort.  Full briefs give full bottom cover, sit high (normally just on or below the tummy button) and are cut low on the hip.


Shapewear knickers - these are perfect for those looking for some shaping without feeling too restricted.  Available in light and full control versions, shapewear knickers have gone glam - forget Bridget Jones!  Normally high on the waist, with full bottom coverage and cut low on the hip.

Waistliner (also know as half body sculptor) - if you want a bit more help, waistliners will smooth all the lumps and bumps from thigh to just below your bra.  Most often, these cover the ribs to just below your bra and end mid-thigh.  They offer fuller control than knickers alone.

Full Body Shaper - often worn under dresses, the full body shaper can either incorporate a bra or be cut to sit underneath your own bra.  It has straps and covers from chest to above the knee.  Make sure you check that it is the right length to sit under your dress or skirt!

Thigh Shaper - similar to the Waistliner, but sits on the waist.  Thigh shapers are designed to minimise the size of the thighs and create a smooth look.

Bottom Shaper - for that extra lift!  Bottom shapers normally sit on the waist and end mid thigh.  They have extra support under and around the buttocks to help give a smooth, lifted shape.

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