White lies don't sell....

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This guide is simple, to the point and will help you reach more potential customers than most advice out there- the premise is simple.....don't lie, seems obvious enough, but I am not talking about blatant lies- saying something is in 'VGC' very good condition when it is clearly used and not far from knackered is....frankly...a stupid thing to do, at the end of the day you will get negative feedback almost as soon as the buyer gets the item.

What I am talking about is 'white lies', the lies that don't potentially effect the buyer but are nonetheless a lie- they won't get you negative feedback, but they will drop the potential winning bid, and they will put people off even looking at your item, so, below is a list of just some of these 'white lies' and reasons why they just don't help:

1. **RARE**
Possibly the most annoying comment made in descriptions and titles alike- 9/10 it simply isn't true. If something is rare you will sell it on that principle alone, and there won't be dozens of the same item all over eBay. A good example of items that are constantly listed as rare is old games (eg Nintendo Game Boy, SNES)- Super Mario, Tetris, even consoles, are constantly listed as RARE or EXTREMELY RARE, and yet there are around 100 people selling them on eBay at any one time, and the ones that sell? They're the ones who aren't making false claims about how rare they are.
So make sure you know your product, make sure you know whether it is rare or not, and don't lie.

2. Postage Price
Pretty simple, if its under 10kg you can send it via courier from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in the UK for about £6.00- and yet dozens of listings try to sell an item that weighs less than an empty box for over £10.00 postage. If you try to under price the item to make it sell, then over price the delivery to make up the loss, people won't  buy, be honest about the post and packaging price, sell the item at its value, people aren't stupid- they may make impulse buys, but they won't want to be ripped off.
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