White smoke on start up - White smoke when warm

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White Smoke on start up is due to water vapour (condensation) inside the exhaust and catalytic converter.  Make sure you have a new fuel filter installed (to remove water from the fuel).
Continuous White Smoke when hot coupled with a sweet sickly smell (Glycol or coolant) is usually due to a cracked cylinder head or leaking cylinder head gasket and must be fixed before cylinder wall and bottom end damage occurs (water in the oil destroys bottom end shell bearings and seizes pistons in cylinders.  Try a radiator sealant such as Kalimex K-Seal or Ce-lit in the radiator for 100 miles.  If you've still got white smoke the only option is probably to remove the cylinder head and repair or replace it as necessary.  (Please mop up any Glycol leaks as Glycol is poisonous to animals and wildlife.)

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