Who are Dakinis?

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In Jatakas there are several incidents describing divine beings travelling through air. In Sanskrit, such being is called Dakini, generally meaning “Space-Goer”, “Celestial Being” or “Cloud Fairy”. In Tibetan, the word for Dakini is Khandro(mkha-gro-ma).
Dakinis have been explained as “Emanation of Enlightened Mind”. They are the representatives of Sangha in the inner refuge. They can be both wrathful and peaceful in appearance and are usually seen wearing bone ornaments and are nude in dancing posture.
They help practitioners by removing any obstacles and guiding practitioners in the path of enlightenment. Dakinis are able to bestow eight great powers(skt. Asthasiddhi) to devoted practitioners.
Dakinis can be animal faced like simhamukha(Lion-faced), Vajravarahi(Sow-faced) e.t.c. Vajra Yogini is considered Sarva Buddha Dakini who confers Buddhahood to practitioners. Buddha Dakinis are representatives of wisdom or prajanaparamita.
The heavenly realm or “Pure Land” of Dakinis is called Khechari.


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