Who is Scott Howard Furniture?

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Scott Howard was formed in 1977 by three directors who left Herman Miller (Europe) to set up their own company to sell iconic furniture designs.

The company is wholly owned by the Appleton family and based in the small market town of Frome in the county of Somerset.

Our sales offices are based in Central London, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Moscow, Dubai and Barcelona and we are actively looking for new partners for other countries.

Our primary focus is the sale of design classics from 1929 through to 1994 in seating, tables and office furniture and from 1977  through to 2007 we only sold originals but with the advent of legally manufactured reproductions from the Far East the market changed dramatically with buyers the world over wanting reproductions which on average are one sixth of the price of an original, for example a top end quality reproduction lounge chair costs £680 whereas a vitra original will cost over £5,000

We still sell originals and are happy to do so, but the market dictates survival, and in todays internet led revolution that market the world over is now for reproductions.

So like all our customers we had to go back to the drawing board and investigate suppliers of reproductions and at first we found the rubbish just like everyone else, - and yes we became confused just like everyone else, - but in time you find better suppliers and then better again, and after five years of searching we are happy we have found the Premier League' of suppliers.

This means we buy from the top six factories in Asia out of a possible 53 suppliers in that region. In the last two years we have found it difficult to find factories that are better than these six so we are assured that we are buying the best reproductions available.

This comes with a drawback - There are 47 suppliers who are cheaper than Scott Howard because we have selected the top six. We are not embarrassed by this because we are only looking for products that can stand side by side with originals for quality and that comes at a price

If you want to know more about Scott Howard we have web sites in the UK, Russia the UAE and China




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