Who should give feedback first? Buyer or Seller?

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As both a buyer and seller I always expect the buyer to leave their feedback first which signifies they are happy with the transaction; the seller's positive feedback being an acknowledgement of the close of transaction including feedback.
The contract is to buy and sell so once payment is received the seller must post the item and should mark it as posted; the buyer will see this. Both have fulfilled their initial contractual obligations.
Feedback is voluntary and follows the end of a successful transaction (or not). However, buyer's feedback is often the only indication to the seller that the buyer is happy with the transaction and no issues are going to be raised.
Until the seller receives positive feedback they are left uncertain as to whether the buyer is happy or there is a problem with either the item or (on a sad few occasions) the buyer.
So as a seller I await the buyer's feedback to confirm the transaction is at an end.
Similarly as a buyer I provide feedback to inform the seller the transaction is at an end.
It would therefore be illogical (even unreasonable) to expect the seller to leave their (positive) feedback until they know the contractual transaction is completed with all potential issues resolved.
After all, the seller can only leave positive feedback.
However, I've been on ebay long enough to realise some may take a different view!

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