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Many people, couples & single people alike, use sex toys to enhance their intimate times.  HOWEVER very few people know that not looking after your toys (escpecially your silicone ones) can cause lots of different problems.  The biggest issue is hygiene.....simply using water will not clean your vibe correctly.  Instead it will be left with bacteria which will continue to breed whilst your toy has been put away.  Next time you use this toy you could end up with an infection such as Thrush.  Using soap or even baby wipes causes two problems....again this will not clean the toy sufficiently enough to prevent bacteria breeding on the surface PLUS the chemicals in the soap or wipes will react with the silicone and slowly eat it away.  (Have you ever noticed patches of peeling on any of your toys).

Buzz Fresh wipes are the perfect companion for all your vibes.  They have an antibacterial in them to clean your vibe efficiently and thoroughly, yet they are still gentle enough to protect the delicate materials of your toy, thus preventing damage.  Buzz Fresh can also be used for personal use.

If you are going to spend the money on a toy - make it last.  They are designed to last for many years and by not taking care of it you are ultimately shortening its lifespan.

You don't just have to take my word for it........take a look yourself and perhaps do a little research.  If you would like any further information form myself then please contact me.   I am happy to help :)

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