Why Choose Artificial Wedding Flowers?

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At Sarah's flowers we specialise in artificial wedding flowers and arrangements with everything handmade to order using only the finest quality artificial flowers, we believe that artificial flowers are just as good as real flowers, if not better, artificial flowers have often been labeled as untraditional or just not the same as the real thing, but with the latest advances in manufacturing it makes it hard to tell real from artificial (gone are the days of bright green plastic looking leaves and fabric looking flowers)
We use a range of artificial flowers made from a variety of materials including foam, latex, paper and silk, and one of the most common questions we get asked is "are they real?"
Using artificial flowers not only offers tremendous benefits over real flowers but also excellent value for money as our artificial wedding flower can be up to half the price of the fresh flower equivalent but without losing any quality.
Artificial flowers are available all year round and not subject to seasons or expensive import flower costs.
You can choose almost any colour you like, whether its a traditional cream or ivory bouquet or mixed red, burgundy, lilac, yellow you name it.
You of course don`t have to worry about your bouquet wilting in the hot weather or after a long day or getting accidentally damaged by being dropped or knocked.
I think one of the main reasons people choice our artificial wedding flowers is the fact that they can keep them as a reminder of their special day for many years to come.
The table arrangements can also be given away as gifts at the end of the day.
Main advantages
. Order weeks/months in advance
. No need to worry your flowers will wilt
. No pollen for hayfever/allergy sufferers
. No insects or bugs
. Everlasting keepsake
. No sap or staining of clothes from pollen 

Why artificial? Why not...! You'll be amazed.

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