Why Choose Bamboo Knitting Needles and crochet hooks

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Knitting and crocheting are now very trendy hobbies - even celebrities are now taking up lessons and joining clubs! 

There are so many different products on the market that it can be difficult to know which to choose.  This guide aims to give you a better idea of why bamboo knitting needles are an excellent choice.  But first let us discuss a few of the products available on the market:

1. Acrylic needles and hooks.  (plastic).  These come in many designs and colours, from plain grey to glitter tone apple green.  The popular choice for many people because they are affordable and lets face it - they are smooth and they get the job done well.  The more colourful knitting needles are rarer and therefore harder to find but they are out ther if you search for them. Whereas the coloured crochet hooks are more well stocked. The colourful ones definately make great gifts for an avid knitter.  The downside is that they can be heavy and so are not really practical for long knitting sesions or larger projects, especially if you have joint problems as their weight puts strain on your hands and wrists.


2. Steel needles and aluminium:  these needles and hooks are known for being long-lasting.  The steel knitting needles are now much rarer than they used to be and it is difficult to find a pair of single or double pointed straight knitting needles.  If you do - chances are they will be expensive.  Circular steel needles are also rare (if you do need some we do stock them at very low prices both here on ebay and on our website).  These are excellent for tubular projects.  They are also fantastic when it comes to size range.  Steel needles come in very small sizes such as 1.5mm and upwards.  So if you need small sized knitting needles then steel ones are the way to go.  Steel circular needles are also good because they dont curl in the middle as much as acrylic ones which makes your task that little bit easier.  They are super smooth and the points generally well designed so that they ae sharp enough to pick up stitches but not so sharp and slippery that the stitches fall off them.  Once again the downside is that some can be heavy and they are initially cold when you first pick them up which can present a problem for joint problems and sore hands.  The aluinium crochet hooks are great because they come in a wide range of metallic colours and so make lovely gifts.


3. Bamboo needles and hooks: Bamboo needles = luxury product.  Everyone has heard of them and of you havent tried them - chances are you are seriously considering it.  Rightly so!  Bamboo is natural and sustainable - it grows abundantly in china and so the first reason why these needles and hooks are great is that they are environmentally friendly.

They feel great to hold. Most of our bamboo needles and hooks are hand polished over24hrs after production to attain ultimate smoothness.  They dont feel freezing cold to the touch like steel and they are lightwight and therefore perfect for individuals with joint problems.  Long knitting sessions are a joy with bamboo tools! 

Bamboo needles and hooks are also quieter than other needles which often give off a loud clicking sound.

Another great thing about bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks is that they get even smoother with use.  As you knit with them they absorb the natural oils from your hands which feeds the bamboo and results in beautifully smooth tools.

We have made bamboo knitting needles and crochet hooks more affordable than ever - so if you would like to try them for yourself please see the wide selection on offer both here on ebay and on our website.

We've had some great reviews and feedback on them so give them a try!



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