Why Did Facebook take money from my Pay Pal Account ! ?

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STOP Facebook taking automatic payments from your paypal account for facebook aps !!

They took $50.00 off of me 15/02/11 automatically, for nothing !!!! then again another $50 the next day and $16 after that before i figured out how to stop it !!!!

You must go into your paypal account, click on "profile" (at the top), click on "my money"(on the Left), look for "my pre approved payments" , click "update" (on the right), "click on facebook.inc" (underlined in blue text), then click "cancel" next to authorise on the details of that

this will now not allow any facebook aps whatsoever to take money from your paypal account ever again without you setting it up on facebook all over again

of course you only need to worry about this if you use any Facebook game Apps and have made a payment via paypal to them before, as it hides that it automatically re-bills you in the small print of the user agreement !

If you open a dispute against the transaction, Pay Pal should return the money to you the next working day as they are obviously aware of this type of transaction and its deceptive way of taking money without your consent



if you need any help with the above then phone Pay Pal (UK) 0870 730 7191 , they are always extremley helpfull and guide you through each button press step step of what you need to do to cancel the automatic payments and file a dispute against the Facebook Transaction

Note:- when you phone Pay Pal the trick is to completely ignore all the please press 1 please press 2 nonsence and just keep saying "AGENT" at each step of their recorded messages and they will put you straight through to a human after saying "AGENT" about 5 times, this process is most useful in skipping all those button presses and long winded menu system


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