Why Halides?

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Halide lamps are the best source of artificial sunlight which most accurately and efficiently replicates natural sunlight conditions giving the natural ingredients for a healthy tank.

Halides are a compact source of light which emit the high output light from a single focus point just like the natural sun itself, thus successfully reproducing the natural ripple effect of sunlight.

This rippling effect isn’t possible with t5 lighting as the light is coming from a more spread source.

This translates into faster growth, brighter colours and overall improved health for photosynthetic organisms. While it is certainly true that there will always be successes with other lighting types, the use of metal halide lighting on reef tanks is undoubtedly the best bet to ensuring success.

Key Benefits of our Halides

-  Many people agree that Halide lighting is more attractive than fluorescent lighting because of the shimmering effects of the light in your aquarium.
-  Penetrates the light deeper in your tank than fluorescent.
-  Cost effective to replace while maintaining quality

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