Why Jelly Shoes?

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Jelly shoes (or jellies) are shoes made of a porous PVC rubber product called jelly rubber. Jelly shoes come in a variety of brands and colours. Jelly shoes were very popular in the 1980s, when a pair could frequently be purchased for under 1 quid. They resembled sandals and were most commonly flat shoes with little or no heel. Jelly shoes are making a comeback in the form of flats.

Jelly shoes are unbeatable on seaside holidays.
You can drive your car/scooter/bike to the car park, walk straight over hot tarmack, sand, rocks etc and straight into the sea (and back again) without changing shoes or messing about with towels, socks etc.


What other people said?

Those jelly shoes take me straight back to my childhood in the 80's! I thought i was so cool back then...

Ooh...terrible shoes. Never. I'd be embarassed to have them in my 'goodwill' pile.

I had Jellies in the 80's. They were so cool at the time but your feet would stink so bad from them. I doubt that has improved.

In the 80's we used to run around in the summer wearing jellies. Our feet smelled funky and had the print of the shoe outlined on them in dirt. I agree, Just say NO to Jellies!

I think theyre pretty damn cool. in fact, i just bought a pair of black ones
interesting does not mean ugly.

I love jelly shoes! I had a pair of white ones back in the day, but they got thrown out. But I still have another white pair of slip on ones I bought years ago! They would stick to my feet in the summer, but it never bothered me-as long as they look good!! I will always love the look of these shoes-and i'm so glad they're still being made! Hey, anyone know whatever happened to clogs with the complete WOODEN heel? I've been dying to buy a pair but they're made with the rubber soul nowadays...if anyone knows where I can find clogs w/wooden-made souls, please let me know! Thanx!!

I luv those shoes! They r so cute. The color, design, and heel and everything else about them.

they're amazing! Does anyone know a website that sells them? I'd wear them all!!
Hi everyone. My friend just came to see me wearing these wedge jellies. They look so hot! They really elongate the leg and she said they were super comfy to wear (even for long periods of time). I just ordered a pair in baby pink from Opening Ceremony in New York. I have other shoes that have made my feet sweat in the summer, so i got Dr. Scholl's Deoderant spray with baking soda and zinc oxide. I just lightly spray it on and let it dry before putting on my shoes. It's like wearing invisible spray-on socks. Great for jellies! I'm so excited to get these shoes! I'll let you know what i think once i've worn them around a bit. Best Regards, Cecelia

for some reason i always liked jellies. and i don't know why? but everytime my parents would buy some for my sister i would wait for her to fall a sleep and i would wear her clear jelly shoes with high heels then i would go out side on the grass and get the water whose and just spray my feet and shoes. my mom always said that jellies were just for girls me being a boy she wouldn't buy me some but my sister didn't care she told me that i could use them as long as i wanted and when ever she was going to get rid of some jellies she would just give them to me. im 22 right now and i still use jellies i tought i was the only one but i have found some other guys on the internet that had to do the same thing there is a group on Yahoo.com for boys that use jellies. love these shoes especially the melissa possession sandals
I have this shoe, but in black! Melissa is very popular here in Brazil, and I have many... I love!!!!! I've heard a lot that Jelly shoes make the feet stink, but it isn't truth. Nowadays jelly shoes are very comfortable.

Honestly, I really like those, they´re confortable and the plastic that they are made does not stink.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the jellies! I loved 'em back in the day when they made my feet sweat. And when I took 'em off, I'd have a gross semi-permanent black ring around the heel of my foot. Had a pair in every color! And I love 'em now that they're new and improved. No more sweaty, funky feet. Not much of a ring anymore. Summer '04, I ordered a clear pair of Fisherman jellies from Melissa USA. They're my favorite summer shoes cos they go with absolutely everything.

hey, i absolutely addorreee jellies and im after a pair of high heeled ones in black or clear does anybody know anyone/anywhere that sells them in the uk? i want some sooo bad, pls tell me if u do know plssss thankyou xxxx

I love Jelly shoes too! I used to wear them all of the time as a kid! Me and my friend Katie J were wondering if they would ever come back cuz we wanna be cool with our Jellies!!!
hi, i myself love jelly sandals for somw strange reason.

i,ve love jelly sandals sense i was 13 years old. now im 19 and looking for a nice pair of clear jelly sandals. Do you think its fine for a boy to wear jelly sandals from time to time? i need a opinion.

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