Why Move House When You Can Redecorate?

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With the credit crunch forcing all of us to re-evaluate our plans, you may find that a move is impossible with things as they are. But why not take advantage of the situation and turn your attention to your home. With a few simple touches, you can both make it an environment that you’re glad to live in, and also add bit of value to the property so that you are in prime position when the housing market recovers. So check out these suggestions, then explore online and see what your imagination leads you to.

The quickest way to refresh a room that you have grown too used to is to do something new with the walls and floor. If your carpet is looking tired why not consider a laminated floor that will give off a cool modern glow and really accentuate the space you have. Earth toned walls always help to provide a welcoming and inspiring space, especially when combined with soft lighting and pale upholstery and accessories. By paying attention to the details, you really can transform a room, so you get all the thrill of setting up in a new lounge but with none of the hassle of moving.

New furniture will also help to bring novelty to your life, so why not check out some of the great new ideas that have surfaced in the last few years, such as beautiful corner sofas with built-in recliners, stunning designer coffee tables, TV units and much more. If you crave the tranquillity of a more traditional design, it can be a great idea to use wooden furniture, with its exceptional character and the depth of grain that cannot be rivalled by more modern materials.

Remember when choosing your pieces that as well as being practical they must be stylish in order for you to get that great feeling of living in a truly inspiring space. Take the time to select the right pieces, paying particular attention to feature pieces such as sofas and coffee tables, and make sure that your approach is consistent; otherwise you may end up with a mish mash of styles that clash and prevent you from really enjoying your home.


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