Why Sellers Should Still Leave Feedback to Bad Buyers

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Following the change to Ebay feedback rules, it is now impossible for sellers to give buyers a negative or neutral feedback rating.  I have just received a neutral from someone who has also not received another 2 items. He also started the item not received process. I have blocked him, but then had to make up my mind what I did about feedback. Although it grated on me to give him a positive feedback score, I decided that I would do so, but make the comment reflect my experience and his behaviour. My rationale for this was that this at least gave sellers, especially buyers selling high value items, something to go on. I am also going to change my practice back to giving feedback after feedback has been recieved from the buyer, to enable me to do this. My item was a low value item, but that isn't the point. I would have given him a refund anyway.

Hope this encourages sellers still to leave negative feedback comments when justified.


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