Why Use Only Genuine Chamois Leather?

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Genuine chamois leather is still the most reliable and trusted product for drying and cleaning!

Genuine chamois leather is a unique and natural product. Selected sheepskins are 100% cod oil tanned to give the luxurious, golden, soft finish that can absorb six times its weight of water. Hutchings & Harding chamois has the reputation for quality, still manufactured in the traditional method to ensure high performance and durability.

High-quality chamois leather can be expensive, so why should you buy the real thing when you can get cheaper substitutes?

Genuine chamois leather is a natural product which has unique properties enabling it to absorb not only water but also dirt. This is vitally important when you wash your car because residue and leftover dirt can cause the finish to look dull or, in the worst cases, scratch the paintwork. Synthetic chamois, whilst very good at emulating the drying properties of a chamois leather, does not absorb the dirt from the surface and therefore may smear it.

Synthetics such as cellulose/polyurethane and viscose/polyamides are sold dry or wet in plastic tubes. Other types of leather from diverse species and variable tannages are treated and dyed to look like chamois. These products may have a similar appearance but they should not be mistaken for genuine chamois leather.

It is a popular misconception that labour cost is the overriding factor in pricing a product. For genuine chamois leather, the main cost is the raw materials, the sheepskin and the cod oil. A modern, efficient tannery can compete when traditional values ensure that the quality of the leather is maintained.

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