Why Use Pictures For Your eBay Auctions

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There are many sellers on eBay that slave away each day listing hundreds of auctions daily and reaping very small profit margins. This is unfortunate because there are many ways to easily increase your auction profits without a lot of extra work. One of the ways is by simply adding pictures. Study after study has shown that auctions with pictures will have a final ending value much greater then auctions without pictures.

eBay buyers are very internet savvy and they are looking for a great deal on a quality product. Adding pictures will help them feel more comfortable in purchasing from you.

Build Creditability

Since buyers are forced to purchase based on your auction they are often reluctant to bid on an auction without pictures. A picture builds trust and credibility in the seller. It ensures that the seller has the item and the condition of the item is also clear.

Make Your Auction Stand Out

Having a picture in your title makes your auction stand out from all of your competitors. Face it people are often to lazy or in too much of a hurry to read much. Therefore the average buyer on eBay will browse using pictures. If you have a picture on your ad you will get the traffic.

Here are some simple things that can easily be done to increase the final value or ending price of the auction. Just follow these steps to taking better pictures.

Too Many Pictures?

Honestly it is pretty difficult to provide too much information on eBay, especially in the area of pictures. The more pictures you add the more concrete information you provide the seller with. Therefore bombard them with tons of pictures.

Take Better Quality Pictures

Take the time to set up your lighting and the composition of the photo. While you do not need a professional studio or any expensive lighting you should think about these things. Take pictures during the day when there is lots of natural light in your home. Use lights in the house to provide extra lighting. Plan the composition of the photo a little bit. Maybe add a small background using a sheet or some old paper. This reduces the clutter from the background and makes the item stand out. Also consider taking close shots of the item.

Improve Picture Quality

No picture is perfect and using a picture editing software can great improve the quality of the picture quickly and easily. There are tons of great free image editing software programs out there. Two programs you will want to check out are Google’s Picasa or ifranview. You can use these and then later purchase a higher quality paid image editing software program. That is after the money really starts rolling in. Then you might want to consider Adobe PhotoShop.

By simply adding good quality pictures to your auction page you can quickly and easily increase your auction profits. This can easily give a 10 to 20% increase on the closing bid price. By just taking a few extra minutes when creating your auction ads you will reap the benefit in pure profits! I have got this guide off a site outside of ebay, however I feel this will be very useful for people on ebay.

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