Why You Should Buy Spare Mains Chargers and Docks for Your Phone

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Why You Should Buy Spare Mains Chargers and Docks for Your Phone

Modern mobile phones run a host of different functions aside from the traditional uses of calling and texting. The growth of the smartphone market and the app industry has meant that phones are now used as cameras, mobile handheld gaming consoles, mobile internet devices, and entertainment devices. These functions require a great deal of battery power, meaning that phones now need to be charged on a regular basis to keep them running. In order to do so, mobile phone chargers and docks are needed, and these come in a variety of different forms.

Types of Mobile Phone Chargers

There are mobile phone chargers that can be used in fixed positions attached to electrical outlets, those than can attach to cigarette lighters in cars, and those that are powered by batteries. Needless to say, each of these will be used for a specific purpose. Fixed units are most widely used and are generally useful for the home and office. Car chargers are ideal for those who spend a lot of time travelling. Portable battery powered chargers, however, are great for emergencies when there are no other chargers available for use.

Type of Mobile Phone Docks

Mobile phone docks are ideal for fixed positions like the home and office. With docks, the phone is connected via a port and the dock itself is connected to the mains power source. They can come as single port docks, able to charge only a single phone at once, or multi-port docks, able to accommodate several different phones. These are useful for office and home environments where several people need to charge their phones at the same time. In addition, docks can be used for several different purposes. Most commonly, many varieties come with speakers to play music through the phone.

Why Buy Spare Chargers and Docks?

Buying spare chargers and docks is sensible practice, particularly for those who use their phones on a regular basis. Going without charge for any period of time can leave people out of contact with family, friends, colleagues, and clients. In certain circumstances this may be fine, but in others it can lead to loss of business, mix-ups, and other such issues.

For Working Use

Mobile phones are an integral part of business. Staying in contact with clients, customers, and colleagues at all times is crucial, and spare chargers can make sure of this. For those who travel a lot in their work, having travel and portable chargers is important. For example, those that spend a lot of time driving between clients may find that they forget to charge their phones when they have access to a regular charger plugged into the wall. If this is the case, their phone may run out of charge when they are on the road. This can lead to problems if they need to get in touch with the client or vice versa. As such, having a car charger in the car is important to prevent such issues. Morever, for those who travel on planes and other forms of transport, travel chargers can come in handy. These battery powered portable chargers will provide an extra boost of charge when it is needed, once more helping people stay in contact with any important working associates. In addition, carrying regular mains chargers can also allow people to charge their phones on certain planes and trains.

For Personal Use

Spare chargers are also essential for personal use. For example, parents may wish to provide their kids with spare portable chargers to ensure that their phones always have an extra bit of available charge when needed. By doig so, they can guarantee that they can always get in contact with their kids if they need to, and vice versa. In addition, it is important that phones are available when travelling or going on holiday. Taking a spare charger away on any holiday or trip will ensure that the phone will also have a source to charge it up.

Replacement Chargers and Docks

It is not uncommon for chargers of docks to break or even go missing in the home or office. When this happens, it is be important to have a backup available to hand. This could be a fixed charger in the home or a spare portable charger for those who are out and about.

Spare Chargers and Docks for Friends and Family

Supplying spare chargers and docks for friends and family who come and visit is also a good idea. This may involve getting chargers that are compatible with other makes and models of phone. In order to accomplish this, consider getting a universal charger. These will have a variety of connections that will work with most major phone makes, and so should be sufficient for any friends and family that visit. Generally, getting basic chargers, rather than docks, is a good idea.

Using Chargers Around the House

Spare mains chargers and docks can also be used in various rooms around the house. For example, there might be a phone dock with speakers in the kitchen. This could be used to play music while cooking or entertaining. Then, if budget allows, spare docks could be placed in guest bedrooms so they can listen to music if they wish. This, however, can be difficult as different guests will have different phones that may not be compatible with the docks. As an alternative, therefore, it is a good idea to include universal chargers in spare guest rooms and other rooms around the home. These can be used as and when they are needed.

Choosing Spare Chargers and Docks

Given the multiplicity of needs and uses of chargers and docks, it is important to ensure the correct models are bought. The flowing are a number of essential considerations.


This is the main concern when choosing spare chargers and docks. It is no good buying those that will not work with the phones in the house, so this should be the first thing that any buyer does before they make their purchase. If portable chargers are also being used, look for those that can take a range of different batteries. In order to make sure that phones are compatible, check the label. If buying online, read the description carefully - this will list all of the different phones that work with the charger. In most cases, manufacturer-specific chargers, such as Nokia chargers, will work with most Nokia phones.

OEM or Non-OEM

Choosing OEM (original equipment manufacturer) spare chargers is sensible for those looking for direct replacements. These will have a guarantee of quality and will be sure to work with the phone. Non-OEM chargers, however, can be made by various different makers, and sold by all sorts of retailers, usually at lower prices. If choosing these, read reviews carefully to avoid buying low quality replacements.


Finally, carefully consider the type of charger. With mains chargers, this isn't too difficult as each will fulfil the single function of charging the phone. However, some will lead to quicker charging times, which may be important. When choosing docks, there are a host of options available, such as single or multi-port docks, and docks that provide a range of functions like playing music. Choose these based on personal preferences and budget.

Buying Spare Chargers and Docks on eBay

Spare chargers and docks can be bought on eBay via a range of sellers. These can be both new items and used items from official manufacturers and non-official manufacturers. In order to find suitable spares, go to the main homepage and then click on the Electronics & Technology link on the left. Then, click on Mobile & Home Phones, followed by Mobile Phone Accessories. Finally, click on the Chargers & Docks link and all of the listings under this category will appear. Now narrow the search by clicking the relevant boxes down the left of the page, which will include Type, Brand, and Condition. So, for mains chargers, click on the box entitled Wall Chargers. In order to specify the brand, click on the necessary link to only list wall chargers for Nokia, Samsung, Sony, and so on. To bypass all of this, use the search feature. At the top of the page, type relevant search terms into the search box in order to generate a highly targeted list. As an example, when searching for a new wall charger by Samsung, type in "Samsung wall charger brand new". After generating a list of options, check through them, reading reviews and ratings, before choosing an appropriate product and seller.


Most people would struggle to do without their mobile phones for more than a couple of hours. To prevent this from being an issue, spare mobile phone chargers are important, for both personal use, and that of guests as well. Installing spare chargers and docks around the home is a great idea, as is using them in cars and for portable use as well. To find a host of options, check the eBay listings.

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