Why You Should Buy Universal Laptop Power Chargers

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Why You Should Buy Universal Laptop Power Chargers

Whether you are looking for a replacement charger for your laptop, or looking for an additional laptop charger, there are many benefits to choosing a universal laptop power charger. A universal laptop charger is made to work with many different types of computers. Many people do not know that they are able to purchase a universal charger for their laptop, and purchase a more expensive option from their computer manufacturer. Aside from being more affordable, there are different types of specialty universal chargers, such as solar powered laptop chargers or laptop chargers, that charge the computer while in a car or on a boat. Another benefit of universal laptop power chargers is that they are compatible with multiple types of laptops, making it easy to share.

Universal laptop chargers are purchased in brick and mortar electronic stores, or online using eBay. eBay offers a large selection of universal laptop power chargers at competitive prices. Before purchasing a universal laptop charger, you should understand the benefits of choosing a universal power charger over a specific brand, as well as what you should look for when purchasing a universal charger to ensure that it is compatible with your specific laptop.

Benefits of Universal Laptop Power Chargers

When choosing a laptop power charger, you can choose the manufacturer charger, or a universal laptop power charger. By understanding the benefits of a universal charger, you can make an informed decision on which type of laptop charger to purchase for your laptop.


Laptop chargers do not always last for the entire lifespan of the computer. When replacing laptop chargers, purchasing laptop chargers directly from the manufacturer is oftentimes very costly. Universal power chargers are compatible with many different models of laptops, and are often found at a much more affordable prices. As long as the universal charger is compatible with the computer, the universal charger works just as well as name brand chargers, all for just a fraction of the cost.


Unlike manufacturer's chargers, universal laptop chargers are compatible with many different types of laptops, therefore it can be used on different computers throughout the home. Some universal chargers have an automatic voltage switching feature that switches the voltage based on the laptop it is plugged into. Others have a manual voltage switch, allowing the charger to be compatible with laptops of varying voltage levels. This prevents the computer from not getting fully charged, or from being harmed from incorrect voltage levels.

If multiple computers use the universal laptop charger, choosing a charger with an automatic voltage switching feature, or manual switch, makes the charger compatible with any model of computer that works with the charger voltage levels. Using one charger for multiple laptops alleviates the need for multiple charger cords, and prevents the user from having to buy another manufacturer charger if one of the home's other laptop chargers were to break.


Most manufacturer chargers must be plugged into an electric socket to charge the laptop. Unlike manufacturer's laptop chargers, many types of universal chargers are made for use on the go. If you are looking for a charger for use in the home or office, choosing a charger that plugs into a wall socket may be best. However, if you are purchasing an additional laptop charger for travelling, a portable universal charger may be the best option. By understanding the different types of portable universal chargers, you can choose the best option for your needs.

Type of Portable Universal Charger


Solar Powered Chargers

Do not use electricity. Powered by the sun to charge the laptop anywhere

Travel Chargers

Made to charge the laptop in a car, plane, or boat. Some also come with a standard outlet plug in

Universal LED Chargers

Allows the user to monitor the voltage used by the laptop. Best option for use abroad to monitor voltage levels

Portable Universal laptop chargers make it easy to use the charger on the go, where it would not otherwise be possible. Many portable chargers are smaller than standard chargers, so they are easier to carry.

What to Look For When Purchasing Universal Laptop Power Chargers

Before choosing a universal laptop power charger, it is important to know what to look for when choosing a compatible laptop charger. Power requirements, voltage levels, and the type of plug-in must all be considered before making a purchase. Purchasing the wrong charger may cause harm to your laptop, so it is important to understand how to find a universal charger that is compatible with your computer prior to purchase.

Laptop Power Requirements

When finding a compatible charger, it is important to consider the power level of the laptop based on its wattage (W). The laptop power wattage can be found on the laptop's original charger as well. If the original charger only has the computer's volts (V), and amperes (A), multiply those two numbers to find the laptop's watts. Laptop wattage levels can also be found online, or by simply contacting the manufacturer.You should choose a laptop charger with power levels, equal to or higher than the laptop. Otherwise, the charger would not have enough power to fully charge the laptop battery.

Voltage Compatibility

The next thing to look for when purchasing a universal laptop power charger is the voltage level. The voltage level is also found on the laptop's original charger, or can also be found online or by contacting the manufacturer. It is important to find a laptop charger that is compatible with the voltage on your laptop. Using voltage that is too low may not fully charge the laptop, and using too high of a voltage level may overheat or harm them computer. Some laptop chargers have automatic voltage switching feature, so the charger automatically adjusts the voltage level based on the computer's requirements. Other laptop chargers have a manual switch to adjust voltage levels allowing the charger to be used with multiple laptops.

Charger Plug In

Many universal laptop chargers come with multiple plug ins so they can be used with different laptop models. There are three main types of charger plug-ins that include: cylindrical connectors, snap and lock connectors, and molex connectors. Cylindrical plug ins are the most common type of plug in, featuring a round, hollow plug in. Snap and lock connectors feature three to four metal pins inside of a metal cylinder. Moxel plug-ins are flat, rectangular plug-ins. Each different computer model uses a specific type of plug-in, so it is important to ensure you are choosing a compatible one before making any kind of purchase. Many universal chargers come with multiple plug-ins, and have a list of computer models that are compatible with the charger. Before purchasing a charger, make sure your specific model of computer is listed on the list of compatible computer models.

How to Purchase a Universal Laptop Power Charger on eBay

After understanding the benefits of universal laptop chargers and knowing what to look for when searching for a compatible charger, you are ready to begin your search. eBay offers thousands of options of laptop accessories such as universal chargers, making it easy to find an affordable, compatible charger for your laptop. To begin your search for a universal charger on eBay, you can start with the use of keywords in the keyword search bar that is located on any eBay web page. If you are searching for a specific type of universal charger, you can search a specific search term, such as 'solar powered universal laptop charger'. To browse different options and prices of universal chargers, you can use a more broad search term, such as 'universal laptop charger'. You can then narrow results based on compatible computer models or type of charger.

Staying within your budget is also easy when shopping on eBay. eBay allows users to set their price maximum beforehand, therefore they do not have to waste time searching through laptop chargers that are outside of their budget. Another benefit to shopping for a universal laptop charger on eBay is that you can search from the comfort of your own home. You also do not have to waste time going from store to store to find a compatible laptop charger as well.


Many people think manufacturer's chargers are the best option for an additional or replacement computer charger, but all they are really paying for is the brand name. As long as the charger is compatible with the computer's power requirements, voltage level, and plug in, a universal charger is just as efficient at charging the laptop battery, and is a much more affordable option. Travel universal laptop chargers are ideal for long trips in the car or plane, and can recharge the laptop on the go, making it easy to continue working or watching movies. Solar powered chargers also make it easy to charge the laptop when there is no power source available. Most manufacturers do not offer travel or solar powered chargers, therefore the computer can only be charged inside when connected to a wall power outlet.

Aside from portability, universal chargers are convenient for charging multiple computers throughout the home, and reduce the need of multiple laptop chargers, which can lead to disorganisation and clutter in the workplace. Universal chargers are also much more affordable than chargers purchased from the manufacturer, making it easy to stay within any budget.

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