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Why You Shouldn't Buy Counterfeit/Fake Goods

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Buying online

So what if you are shopping online and come across a great deal on designer apparel or accessories? How do you know you're getting the real thing?
Nowadays the fakes (also called copies, knockoffs, replicas and counterfeit goods) are so good that even pros have trouble telling the difference.

You get the bag/shades/shirt/watch that you wanted and saved hundreds of pounds. However dealing with counterfeit goods can help fund gangs and organized crime, even young children work in dangerous conditions for little money to produce these fakes.

The difference between counterfeit and authentic goods:

The stitching on a designer item will always be superior. The cotton will match the fabric, and in most instances you shouldn't even be able to see it - after all, that's what design is all about. Examine the inside of the garment. Where you can see it, the stitching should be tight and even, something you simply won't find on the fakes, where quality is far less important than quantity.

Don't believe that just because it has tags, it must be real. Counterfeiters can fake tags as easily as garments.

The bigger the name, the more likely it is to be faked, you can find hundreds of fakes on Ebay such as Gucci/Prada/Chanel even Ed Hardy - After all, the counterfeiters want to shift big numbers of units, so there's little point in counterfeiting barely-known designers whose clothes don't sell well. If you doubt the authenticity of the item, then most probably it IS fake. Thankfully Ebay now has the Vero programme which helps shift fake sellers (only a percentage of them for now!)

Why should you avoid buying fakes?

There are lots of reasons why you should not buy fakes - and some that you may not have considered before.
  •     The goods may be dangerous - from cosmetics that can cause skin rashes to fake car parts that may cause accidents.
  •     A lot of fake goods fund drug dealers and other organised crime - even terrorism.
  •     You may end up paying higher taxes because people who deal in fakes don't - consumers like you end up making up the difference.
  •     You may be putting local people out of jobs because genuine manufacturers can't compete with the criminals making and selling fakes.
  •     If you buy fake goods and they don't live up to your expectations, you won't get any after sales service or guarantees.
  •     Fake goods deprive the copyright owner of money that can be used to fund new development

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