Why buy Fake handbags ??

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A lot of handbags on e-bay do appear conterfit, if it seems to good to be true it probably is !! we here at the-handbag-king, one of the major sellers in the UK for handbags, sportsbags, wallet, purses, beachbags etc etc do not sell these items as we feel its our moral responsibility not to fund this seemingly growth industry, where does this money end up ?? It is always reported on the TV that this money ends up with the drug barons and people smugglers and therefore is it really appropriate to be buying or selling these items, even for the seemingly tidy profit that could be made ??

If you see one of our Adidas sportsbags / drawsting swim bags advertised IT IS ADIDAS, if we tell you our item is Leather, IT IS LEATHER, we buy in bulk and can therefore start handbags for less then a fiver !!!

Also, do not be fooled by feedback this can be bought and sold (this was recently reported to be the case on BBC's Watchdog programme), check that what they are selling corresponds with previous transactions, if they have been selling £2 computer chips why all of a sudden be selling a Gucci handbag for £1,000.00 !! If you want to buy a real bargain check out sellers such as myself, our products are generally better made then the Fake / Counterfit goods, made from better materials and at a fraction of the price !! check us out the-handbag-king Be sure to save money and be safe !!

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