Why buy a Genuine UK Nokia Sim Free Mobile Phone

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How to recognize a Nokia Genuine UK Sim Free mobile phone. Learn the differences and how to avoid buying a lemon! This applies to all UK persons choosing to buy a Nokia mobile phone.

Genuine UK Sim Free Nokia mobile phones have 2 years Nokia warranty and support. The mobile phone will be exactly as manufactured by Nokia for the UK Sim Free market (untouched and new). The phone has to be supplied by UK NOKIA DISTRIBUTION via a UK REGISTERED DEALER to a customer in the UK. Any deviance from this stipulation will result in a handset without warranty.

Common pitfalls include buying unwanted upgrades, unlocked network contract/payg handsets, EURO, Asian or otherwise imported mobile phones not intended for the UK consumer market (sim free mobile phones intended for the UK market are always imported to the UK for distribution by the manufacturer). Any software flashing, changing box contents (including box changing), box breaking (hijacking of network payg/contract phones) amongst other scenarios and circumsatances will result in void warranty.

Most common problem is the purchase of Euro mobile phones (Hong Kong and other country imports are more obvious). Very often sold as UK spec or Euro warranty. The confusion arises due to the poor layman clarity of the Nokia warranty and/or sellers/dealers that are genuinely ignorant or very often do not care of customer interests.

Briefly; UK spec suggests the mobile phone has been sofware flashed and/or has something else modified/removed/added or changed to make the phone functional for the UK. Euro warranty is more often than not misunderstood and/or misinterpreted/misrepresented to sell phones to the less knowledgable UK consumer. Nokia are very clear with this quote "This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in the country where you have purchased the Product provided that Nokia has intended the Product for sale in that country " Further reading of the warranty is in the context of Nokia honoring your purchase with warranty if you are in the EU and you purchased from an EU country. The context is explained with an effective example and the prior statement of the country specific warranty conditions. Example: You are on holiday in an EU member country (lets say France) and purchase your handset (not a particularly good idea anyway) and return home to find you have a problem with your mobile phone. If your handset was purchased in France (with appropriate receipt) and the handset was intended for sale in France by nokia, and purchased from a French registered dealer, then they will honour the warranty to the extent possible given the UK service may not have the required software/hardware to complete the warranty 'contract'. In summary the Euro warranty does not mean you can buy a phone that is 'Euro' (intended for sale in another country) purchase in the UK and expect to be in keeping with the warranty. If it was the case that there is no difference then GENUINE UK would not exist and it would not appear as such in Nokia Warranty conditions.

For your warranty you require a valid receipt with the dealer details of your purchase. The dealer will have your IMEI number to match that of any warranty claim; of which Nokia service can/will check and record.

Before buying it is recommended you contact the seller and ask questions. It is best to get answers in email. Our own work for our price comparison promise affords us opportunity to communicate with other dealers. We are to date the only dealers willing to commit to pen a genuine UK sim free handset is for sale with full Nokia warranty. Responses vary from very honest and open to what a competitor is selling (telling us it is not genuine UK) to blatant lying and not willing to confirm outside of a verbal telephone call. Most common response is "we cannot guarantee a genuine UK handset". This I personally find very unacceptable; you either know or you don't.

Quick Indicator of Genuine UK Sim Free. The seller will be proud of the fact and more than willing to help with any queries with knowledgable answers.

I trust readers will find this article useful. I feel it neccessary to highlight certain issues, especially for expensive items. All our mobile phones for sale are Genuine UK Sim Free and featured in our Ebay shop. Please feel free to contact with any queries.

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