Why buy a LORDI CD?

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Quite simply because in a world contaminated by the mediocrity of re-worked, manufactured and mass produced music, LORDI shine out amongst the rest. They rock in a modern way without fear of being different or contravertial. They rock in a 90's way with a rough grungie edge. They rock in an 80's way when the genre really came of age. They rock in a 70's way when flambouyance and glam was all the rage, and they rock in a 60's way with all the confidence and enthusiasm of a new born world phenominum. Their appeal is broad. People of all ages are discovering the sheer quality and range of their music and their fan base is growing rapidly, how could it not when coupled with their image that hugely appeals to the young demographic, they have a sound that continues to appeal to all discerning rock fans. Their lead singer has a voice like freshly mined granite coated with fragments of industrial strength uncut diamonds; it partners his monster persona to perfection. Their guitarist are masters in their craft. The base lines and riffs are unforgetable, emotive, fresh and invigorating; delivered with conviction and excellence. Their keyboard player is as proffesional as it is possible to be. From sythesized sounds, classical  and Church style influences, she encompasses them all. Their drummer has the energy of a whippet on speed, matched by few, bettered by even less. Their image, based on the nightmares of every horror film ever made, is the cherry on top of the blood marinated  rock cake. They are a sight to behold. If you like your music heavy, you want some songs you can really dance to, and you settle for nothing short of the best then LORDI really are the band for you. Hard Rock Hallelujah is a masterclass of rock but it does not stand alone in either their present album or the ones that have gone before. Every track is a winner, every album is a winner. Do yourself a favour and let the Arockalypse roll.

Prima 'Rock' Donna.

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