Why buy vintage clothes?

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This is the story of Diamonds Are Forever Vintage. A long, long time ago there was a piece of coal, very easy to find, but over many, many years – became a unique, precious and exquisite diamond: a diamond that sparkled more than any other gem in the world because of its beauty, age, quality and rarity. Diamonds Are Forever vintage can make you sparkle like a diamond to, because like diamonds, our vintage clothes are beautiful and unique, have a long history and have become harder and harder to find with time. They become more valuable as they grow older and have a value that rises with time. Like diamonds, our vintage clothes have retained their lustre and are the best. Vintage clothing was made with superior expertise, including details, buttons, and flourishes you won't find on today's garments, which are mass produced in third world countries in the shortest amount of time possible all with inhumane working conditions. If you take the time to examine most vintage pieces you'll notice much greater attention to detail in textiles, patterns, textures, stitching, etc. Vintage fashions were designed to last and were sewn by hand. They were built to be passed on to little sisters, not to fall apart. That is why, like diamonds, vintage clothes are the best and should be treasured forever!
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