Why do some taillights come with extra red reflectors?

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Some clear or coloured taillights don't have any red reflective surfaces as required by law. In order to stay within the law, two red reflectors must be fitted to the rear of the car on which the lights are installed. Yes, it may not look nice, but it could save you a heap of cash if you're involved in an accident. Check listing carefully to see if it states that separate reflectors are supplied. We know of somebody who ignored these instructions and didn't fit the reflectors. Another driver rode into the back of his car while it was parked in a dark lane, and because there were no reflectors his insurance company refused to pay out, arguing that the car wasn't road legal. He ended up paying for the damage to his own car as well as to that of the other driver. So if you choose not to fit the reflectors, please be aware of the consequences.
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