Why leave Bad feedback !!!! contact seller 1st

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Why leave bad feedback!!! Contact seller 1st.

At the moment us sellers are getting a rough deal with feedback as it seems that any body with 100% feedback is a target for negative or neural feedback to which is unfair.

As i am one of these victims. I have always stated any problems or you are not happy with your purchase please contact me first so that i can deal with any problem as soon as i possibly can but no people are to quick to use the feedback as complaint process to which it is not for that unless they have genuine received bad service.

Most ebayers would prefer the customer to email 1st so that they can deal with any problems arising.

If the item is not paid for we cannot give bad feedback.

Also if items are bid up and you find that you can buy it cheaper at the shop it is not the sellers fault if the item has received several bids that have boosted the price up and shouldnt warrent bad feedback.

It is also the same if items are damaged in the post the vast majority of us wrap very well.  At times the items or packaging gets damaged  at the post office and it is their responsability so please bear this in mind and email seller 1st if there is a problem and they will try and resolve the problem.

So please give us genuine ebay sellers a chance and to think before giving bad feedback as to receive bad feedback can be so hurtful to us genuine sellers


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