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Just a small note to explain why some times my feedback profile is set to the "Private" setting.
Well it all started when I was getting very indecisive but now thinking about it i am not so sure  :)
Just to say I am one of the most honest " Ebay er" (unsure if that is a word in scrabble though)  on the system and I do buy and I do at times sell and can supply many references from many who has bought from me over the years including substantial outlay items , I say this as it is not easy parting with a large amount of cash going only by photos and description unless the person selling has given good photos and good description and provides a phone number so questions can be asked and answers in a timely fashion and the person selling has been around on the system for at least FIVE years. (I think I have been with Ebay around 9 years)
Born as an Englishman in England as my forefathers  all have been from 1690  =UK buyer or UK seller  :).

Over the many years with Ebay i have encountered many who are trusted and even more who simple sit and wait for another victim to scam and indeed it is this very predator that if remained unchecked will eat away at the very foundations of the internet itself.  (If you feel you smell a scam you will be right ...REPORT THIS RIGHT AWAY AS ITS BETTER TO DO SO THAN DO NOTHING

I am always mindful of the many scammers/ Fraudsters who do not sit at home on a PC but sit in a large office buildings in some god forsaken place day in and day out in many towns/city's in the African continent and other places and the one task is to scam YOU ,The groups never get brought to book as they are part of the Gang structure and some have government backing/involvement  . 

End of lecture...........sorry for going on.....Happy 2013


Yours faithfully 

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